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Outdoor Rooms

Custom-designed and Custom-built

Affordable sunrooms and enclosed patios by Woodland Exteriors

Extend your outdoor living space with a year round sunroom, a seasonal room or an enclosed patio space to protect you from the elements while enjoying nature. Live in your backyard all summer, spring and fall without the pesky bugs ruining your day. Our experienced team works within your budget to determine the best plan for your needs and desires. Updates to your home are not limited to replacing your siding, building a pergola, and upgrading your roofing, with a sunroom addition the possibilities are practically endless to create a new space.

A family room • A home office • A home fitness room • A guest room

Explore your options with Woodland Exteriors

Sunroom Additions and Outdoor Living Spaces

Enjoy the outdoors without the bugs, year round in an outdoor living space by Woodland Exteriors.

Custom Sunrooms

Sundecks, patio enclosures, 3 or 4-season rooms or sunroom additions

You can choose the best solution to suit your property, enhance your life and meet your budget.

  • Add a room in a fraction of the time it takes to build a conventional room and without the disruption to your landscape.
  • Custom design entrances and exits to connect your interior and exterior living spaces seamlessly.
  • Choose the perfect high performance glass options and window styles that block or absorb solar energy as needed, or ventilate your home.
  • Select plans that expand your living space, your views, and your connection with nature.
  • Design a beautiful space for a playroom, an office, entertaining or just for you.
Sunroom Addition Construction
Sunroom Additions
Seasonal Patio Room Construction
Seasonal Patio Room
Patio Cover Construction
Patio Enclosures

In many situations, a sunroom or patio enclosure could be associated with luxurious households and homeowners may have the tendency to believe that these types of home additions are very high-priced. Fortunately, Woodland Sunrooms and patio enclosures can be added to your home with all the features you'd like for a fairly economical price compared to a conventional room.

Our 3-4 season sunrooms can be built in far less time than it takes to build a conventional room and without destroying your backyard in the process. There is minimal disruption and a room can be built in as little as two weeks. Our sunroom glass to glass construction versus wood framing maximizes space and views.

Or, if you prefer a conventional style sunroom addition, we custom tailor rooms to your exact specifications. Choose your windows and doors from our name brands to suit your exact needs.

Woodland Exteriors sunrooms are priced for every budget. Our rooms are custom designed and custom built to meet your needs. So give a call for an “In House” no obligation quote.

Patio Enclosures are a fantastic way to add protection from weather and adding screening can virtually eliminate those annoying bugs so you can enjoy a meal or entertain visitors in your backyard. Additionally, patio rooms add substantial value and space to your property.

Outdoor Rooms provide a private and comfortable area for reading and breathing in the fresh outside air. In addition to being enclosed and protected from the outdoor elements a patio ceiling fan might be added for extra comfort. A glass patio enclosure may make a solar heated area during the winter months, even warming rooms nearest to the enclosed patio area, saving you money on your energy bills each month.

Sunroom Interior

This is an interior view of our model sunroom. Stop by our showroom to see it in person!

Conventional Sunroom Addition

Increasing the size of your home has never been easier

Custom designed sunroom additions allow you to design exactly what you want and economically build it.

Build An Addition

A WOODLAND EXTERIORS conventional constructed sunroom addition allows you to increase the size of your existing home to accommodate your growing family or changing needs. Choose from a variety of structural and finish options to make the design process seamless.

Our deep building know-how brings together the best of custom with a value engineering approach that helps you to get exactly what you want on a budget. Every part of your room is built to high standards and to blend with your existing home.

Built to last, the WOODLAND EXTERIORS conventional sunroom additions use advanced framing techniques, adhere to building standards and use high grade materials. Planning and permitting can take 6-12 weeks depending on the project. Once we’re onsite, our room additions can be built in as little as two weeks with minimal disruption to your landscape.

Our sunrooms are designed to meet municipal building and residential codes and WOODLAND EXTERIORS will take care of the permitting process.

  • Custom tailored construction.
  • Wall framing provides for extra insulation as needed. We can build 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 heavy grade for your application.
  • R21 fiberglass insulation and ½” plywood, not OSB.
  • Studio, cathedral or integrated roof systems.
  • Fiberglass or wood/clad windows, single, French or sliding doors. Brand names like Andersen & Marvin Integrity.
  • Glass package options to code requirements.
  • Vinyl or cement board siding in a variety of styles.
  • Match Homeowner Association (HOA) styles and materials.

Year-Round Sunroom

One room that can change the entire character of your home

Add Living Space With An affordable, Ready to build and maintenance-free room addition for your home

Build A Sunroom

The Grandview® Year-round Sunroom allows you to enjoy the outdoors during the warm seasons without the heat or bugs and during the cold seasons while staying cozy warm.

A GrandView Sunroom is a durable, maintenance-free alternative to a conventional room addition and will look like it was part of your home’s original construction. It provides tremendous design flexibility to match your existing home and is custom built on-site to meet your specific needs.

The GrandView Sunroom is a true room addition with full electrical options available to support lights, fans, heat or air conditioning units.

The GrandView Sunroom is an excellent investment and is more affordable than you may think. Transform your existing patio or deck into a beautiful environment that fits perfectly with your lifestyle and budget.

Our sunrooms are designed to meet municipal building and residential codes and Woodland Exteriors will take care of the permitting process.

  • Standard configurations include 2 or 3 lite sliding windows, sliding patio doors, and swing entry doors. Maximize your viewing area with glass trapezoids, transoms and knee walls. Or increase privacy with dent-resistant wall panels.
  • Glass to glass construction maximizes space and views.
  • Exclusive thermally insulated walls and roof system.
  • Choose from a gable roof style (peaking in the center) or a studio roof style (sloping away from home) with aluminum or shingled finish to match your home.
  • High performance energy efficient windows with Low E argon filled dual pane glass. See Clear screens allow increased light visibility and improved air flow.
  • Interior design options of a conventional room, including: cathedral ceilings, window treatments, wood flooring, ceramic tile, and carpeting.
  • Wall panels electrical raceways for electrical requirements.

Seasonal Patio Room

Turn your old patio into a brand new space

Add a room for a fraction of the cost of a conventional room, in less time and without the disruption

Build A Patio Room

The BetterView Seasonal Patio Room allows you to extend the time you can enjoy the outdoors. From sun rise to sun fall you can enjoy the outdoors, protected from the elements, especially those pesky bugs.

A BetterView patio room is custom built and engineered from top to bottom. These virtually maintenance-free patio rooms are customized to compliment your existing home and can be built on an existing deck or patio. Relax with nature in a secure place.

The BetterView patio room is an excellent investment to give you extra living space at a surprisingly reasonable cost. A small investment adds significant appreciation to the value of your home and the quality of your life.

Like the GrandView Sunroom, the seasonal patio room can be built in up to as little as two weeks and unlike conventional rooms that require heavy construction equipment, our rooms are built with minimal disruption to your backyard.

  • Beautiful sliding patio doors and slider windows easy glide roller system provides a smooth, easy, and quiet operation.
  • Maximize views with glass trapezoids.
  • Full interlocks located on windows and doors to maximize security and ensure a strong, tight seal.
  • Insulted composite panel roof provides insulation and strength.
  • Strength of aluminum creates structural integrity.
  • Optional features include integral gutter or field applied gutter, fixed or operating skylights, and glass knee walls.
  • Limitless choice of custom colors to match siding, trim or whatever you like.

Sunroom Installations

Sunroom Testimonial
Sunroom Testimonial

Our Services

Sunroom and outdoor rooms can be customized for your plans and your budget. We work with you through the design and entire construction process.
Explore your options with Woodland Exteriors

Patio Cover Construction

Starting For

Patio Enclosures

Cover or enclose an existing porch or build a new outdoor room to enjoy without battling bugs.

Details: Patio Enclosures

A covered patio creates a perfect outdoor shelter for entertaining, sun protection and outdoor storage.

A covered patio starts for about $7,200. for a basic 8’ x 8’ space. Adding wall features and other special amenities will add to the cost. Costs vary by patio size, roof choice, privacy panels and other special features.

Adding a patio cover or a roof with enclosed walls to your house can give you the perfect entertaining space. You can cover your BBQ area, protect your food and create a comfortable lounge area for your guests and family.

Woodland Exteriors can design and build the right space for your lifestyle and your budget. If you need design ideas, our experts can guide you through the selection process to get the most benefits within your budget.

Seasonal Sunroom Construction

Starting For

Seasonal Sunrooms

Enjoy the outdoors in summer, spring and fall with privacy and protection from the elements.

Details: Seasonal Sunrooms

Three Season Sunrooms design can be customized to your needs and budget. Design with operable windows, glass walls and solid panels to optimize sunlight and views of your own property.

A seasonal sunroom starts for about $20,000 for a basic 10’ x 10’ room. Adding special features or amenities will add to the cost. Costs vary by room size and other special features.

Designed and built for ventilation and energy efficiency, capturing light without overheating the room. Choose single or dual pane glass, Low E coatings and other energy efficient glass options.

These rooms can be built on top of existing porches and patios or they can be constructed as a new addition to your home.

Let Woodland Exteriors design and build the right space for your use and your budget. Add a ceiling fan or an expansive sliding or swinging patio door or keep it simple – it’s up to you.

Year-Round Sunroom Construction

Starting For

Year-Round Sunrooms

Add a new room with light and comfort for all seasons.

Details: Year-Round Sunrooms

Year-Round Sunrooms and Conventional Sunroom Additions often called four-season sunrooms are popular in the Chicago area as the perfect antidote to our long cold and dark winters.

Year-Round sunrooms start at about $30,000 for a basic 12’ x 10’ room. Adding special features or amenities will add to the cost. Costs vary by room size, special windows and other custom features. Conventional sunroom additions start at about $38,000 for a similar size room.

Customize to your needs and budget. Design with operable windows, glass walls and solid insulated panels to optimize sunlight, manage solar heat gain or loss and provide expansive views of your own property. Choose from even more options and custom styles if you opt for a conventional built sunroom.

Designed and built for ventilation and energy efficiency, capturing light without overheating the room. We recommend dual pane glass, Low E coatings and other energy efficient glass options, combined with the use of solid walls to reduce unwanted solar gain or nighttime heat loss.

Built with structural insulated panels in 3-4 Season rooms to provide a moisture barrier and the proper insulation solution for these year round rooms. Conventional sunroom additions are built with top grade lumber, ½” fured plywood, sheetrock, insulation and roofing materials by experienced carpenters.

Structural insulated panels provide a moisture barrier and the proper insulation solution for a year round room.

Woodland Exteriors will design and build the right space for your use and your budget. Our sunroom experts will guide you through the design and entire construction process giving you options – it’s up to you.

Customer Reviews

Average rating for Woodland Exteriors is 5 stars of 5 stars - based on 7 reviews
  • 3-season Room Rebuild in West Chicago, IL
    Woodland Exteriors did a great job of replacing our old 3-season room. The new room looks like it was original to the house. And they did a good job of keeping work site reasonably orderly while work was going on around the house structure. Very good result and would certainly recommend their ...
    Roger & Siloah Dreher - West Chicago, IL 60185
    October 24, 2018
  • IL in West Chicago, IL
    Recently, we had Woodland Exteriors rebuild our aging sunroom, which at the time was about ready to collapse upon itself. The old sunroom also was not really designed for the Midwest climate. In fact, we wanted a complete departure from the quality level that the previous sunroom represented: we ...
    Siloah M. Dreher/ Roger L. Dreher - West Chicago, IL 60185
    September 16, 2018
  • Patio Enclosure in Des Plaines, IL
    Woodland installed our new windows a couple years back, and we gave them a call to see if they could help us with our patio enclosure project. They did a phenomenal job from start to finish and we love it!
    Tori And Frank H. - Des Plaines, IL 60018
    July 21, 2017
  • Sunroom in Elk Grove Village, IL
    A+ work by these sunroom builders. They worked within our price range and made sure all our needs and wants were met! Thank you for all your hard work!
    Rebecca P. - Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
    July 21, 2017
  • Four Season Room in Naperville, IL
    These sunroom builders really know their stuff. We had no idea that you could choose between a three season or four season sunroom, but the guys explained the differences between the two to us so we could decide what was going to work best for our home. Thanks again for a job well done.
    Kevin And Angie V. - Naperville, IL 60564
    July 21, 2017
  • Patio Installation in Downers Grove, IL
    We had moved into an older home and decided we wanted some kind of patio area added to the backyard. We decided to give Woodland a call since our neighbor recommended them for patio installation. We are sure glad that we did. We couldn't be happier with the results!
    Robbie And Melissa F. - Downers Grove, IL 60515
    July 21, 2017
  • Sunroom Installation in Arlington Heights, IL
    Woodland listened to what we wanted and came up with a beautiful enclosure for our home. The actual sunroom installation only took a few days, and they even made sure to clean up all the yard when they were finished. I would recommend these guys to anyone - and I plan to!
    Debbie And Tom C - Arlington Heights, IL 60004
    July 21, 2017