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House Siding Styles – How to Create a Custom Look with Vinyl Siding


The most frequent questions we get from customers looking to replace their home’s siding are, “is there a vinyl siding that looks like a custom home and can we mix and match siding styles?” Our answer is always the same. Many custom homes mix and match vinyl siding styles using latest millwork profiles to get create a unique style for your home.

Good design is the secret to achieving a custom look and a custom look comes from mixing and matching multiple siding profiles, colors and accessories. Take the time to find a siding contractor who will help you create a uniquely custom design for your replacement siding project.


Craneboard 7" in Saddle

Why Choose Vinyl Siding

Our extreme Chicago weather makes vinyl siding a perfect choice. It’s durable, energy efficient and easy to maintain. Now, thanks to technological innovation it’s also a versatile alternative to fiber cement, wood, brick or stone siding. Today’s vinyl siding comes in multiple styles, several sizes and colors, in fact today’s vinyl can be repainted to suit your changing style.

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Mix and Match to Get the Look

Working from a picture of your current home you can create an entirely new look by mixing siding and trim materials in new ways. There is simply no rule that says you must cover your home in one solid color or style of material.

Want a more contemporary look? Try a thin, horizontal lap siding with black trim for a sleek effect. If your home has traditional charm you can further enhance that feature by creating a ton on tone effect between the siding and the trim, which creates a subtle, warm appeal. Try a white on white finish using different board widths, shingles or mixing vertical and horizontal boards for an unmistakable cottage style. If your home has a Victorian style utilize a mix of decorative siding features like shingles, lap siding and architectural details to get the look and it’s easy to find the perfect colors for a Victorian home.

If the exterior contractor you visit tries to sell you a siding project that does nothing more than replace your current siding for the same, but new siding, walk away, no, run away.


Craneboard Q45D in Driftwood

Be Bold to Get Curb Appeal

Homes with curb appeal improve the neighborhood, increase the home’s value and most importantly, instill pride in the owner. Curb appeal stems from obvious attributes such as the home’s setting, upkeep and uniqueness. Curb appeal also comes from a home's fresh, bold and contemporary look. No matter what style home you have it will stand out if you keep it looking trendy. A farmhouse can be trendy painted the popular colors. A classic home can be trendy using a mix of traditional lap siding in a soft color paired with a field stone. A home built in a development can stand out by changing the direction of the siding over the different areas or elevations. This effect serves to pull the eye to focal points on your home.

Explore the possibilities of Crane siding -Design your home with style and color.


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